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Honors Forum introduces extraordinary rigor into academic programs as students consider complex questions and examine sophisticated materials.  Honors Forum students develop what we refer to as “the life of the mind” by working alongside their faculty on research projects in labs, at field sites, in libraries, and in studios, often helping to shape the curriculum with which they engage.   The Forum promotes and supports student-organized co-curricular activities (e.g. lectures and panel discussions) and leadership and civic engagement opportunities where students guide fellow peers, faculty, and staff within the Skidmore community and beyond.  We also encourage all students at Skidmore College to take an Honors course, add-on, or independent study to become invested in a community of scholars and leaders.

Admission to the Forum: All Students

At the beginning of the spring term, the Council invites currently enrolled first-year and second-year students who attained a GPA of 3.50 or above in the fall semester to apply for membership. Each applicant must submit a statement addressing his or her academic achievement and participation in the College's co-curricular program and seek a letter of recommendation from a member of the faculty. The Honors Council reviews these applications. The Council will look for high academic achievement, potential for active participation in the classroom, and leadership qualities. The Council will also consider the balance among different disciplines represented among the membership.

The Honors Council will endeavor to keep the size of the membership of the Honors Forum to 10% of the total Skidmore enrollment. Students must maintain their membership on a yearly basis by doing the following:

Students may drop out of the Honors Forum at any point in time without jeopardizing their progress toward the degree or their eligibility for other academic opportunities and distinctions. Students who take personal or academic leaves of absence retain their membership in the Forum.  Students who complete the entire program will graduate with the Honors Forum designation on their Skidmore transcript.

Members Guide (click here)

Guidelines for Honors Worthy Writing (click here)

Student Forms:

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Students and Staff enjoy the Honors Forum Induction Ceremony

There are tremendous academic and co-curricular benefits to being a member of the Honors Forum.

Event Planning Guide

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We now offer, Honors Forum in conjunction with Residential Life is offering housing to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in Wiecking Hall. Members who apply to live in HF housing must complete their Service Requirement during the Fall or Spring semester; if an HF student completes the Service Requirement, he or she, if accepted to live in this building, is expected to mentor other students completing their Service Requirements. To apply for Honors housing, CLICK HERE. Here's a great article about the new housing CLICK HERE. For any questions, please email lbradsha@skidmore.edu.

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One of the hallmarks of the Honors Forum is the degree of student involvement in policy making and planning.

Student Executive Committee
The Student Executive Committee or Exec Co, as we commonly call it, is the student governing body of the Honors Forum. The Executive Committee provides leadership and direction to members of the Honors Forum. Exec Co consists of the Honors Forum President, Vice Presidents, Social Media Coordinator, and other positions.  

Exec Co’s members report to the Honors Council and have the following responsibilities, many in conjunction with the Council:

Concerns, Questions, and Suggestions

Is there an issue that you’d like the Honors Council or Student Executive Committee to address? Contact any of the Executive Committee members, and they will bring your concern to the attention of Exec Co or invite you to attend a meeting.

2016-2017 Honors Forum Executive Committee:

Flagg Taylor, Associate Professor of Political Science & Director of the Periclean Honors Forum

Lisa Bradshaw, Administrative Assistance for Honors Forum & Civic Engagement

Kim Marsella, Director of Academic Advising

Steven Frey, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Eunice S. Ferreira, Chair of the Periclean Scholar Awards Committee and Assistant Professor of Theater

Sandra Goff, Assistant Professor of Economics

Morgan Lavoie '17, President

Sophie Tate '17, Co-Vice President

Dylan Quinn '18, Co-Vice President

Hannah Hoey '18, Social Media Coordinator

Izzy Hernandez '18, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Damian Hammond '19, Head of the HF Ambassadors Program

Want to Serve?

If you would like to volunteer for Exec Co., contact one of the Vice Presidents. If you would like to bring an idea to the Executive Committee, contact the President or the Vice President. 

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