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Pre-Orientation Programs

2018 Pre-Orientation dates
Thursday, August 30  through
Sunday, September 2


One of the best ways of making the transition to college life is through participation in one of the many Pre-Orientation programs at Skidmore. Whether it's hiking in the Adirondacks, creating sculpture, or doing community service, there are many ways to meet students with similar interests and goals. Pre-Orientation takes place just before Orientation for all first-year and transfer students. Participation is optional but, highly recommended. 

There are a limited amount of need-based scholarships available. To apply, please fill out this application, if you are awarded a scholarship this will automatically be taken off your bill for the next billing cycle.

You will be billed through your student account automatically upon registering. 

For any other questions or concerns, contact us at or 518-580-8338

How to Register

Registration opens on June 1, 2018, at noon EST and closes on July 13,2018

Please read the following information before you attempt to register for Pre-Orientation

 General Instructions

You will register for Pre-Orientation as a summer class, and your Skidmore account will be billed directly (If you received a scholarship award that will automatically be reflected in your next billing cycle). You will need your student username and password and the CRN# of the program in which you wish to participate. The program is set up as a direct bill to your account.

    1. Find the CRN# of the course you want to register for next to the course title on the On-Campus and Off-Campus program pages
    2. Log into the Student System (have your username and password ready)
    3. Click register for classes
    4. Select "Summer 2018"
    5. Enter the CRN# of your program (top tab 2nd button)
    6. Hit add to summary button
    7. Click on "submit changes" (lpower right hand corner of screen)
    8. If the status says "REGISTERED" you do not need to do anything else


Required Forms for all First-Year Students participating in a Pre-Orientation program, each participant will fill out a total of 3 forms:

  1. Medical Form and Dietary Restrictions
  2. Liability Waiver
  3. Skidmore Code of Conduct

For international students who will be covered by Skidmore CDCHP, we understand there will be a delay in getting us your insurance information.

Please submit these by scanning (if you do take a picture and send it please test it on your computer first to make sure it is clear and legible) and email to or send via snail-mail to:

Skidmore College
Attn: Pre-Orientation Case 309
815 N. Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Adventure Challenge course for Pre-Orientation


All first-year students attending a Pre-Orientation program need to arrive on campus on the morning of Thursday, August 30, 2018, to check in to their assigned student housing

No first-year students are allowed to check in prior to Thursday, August 30, 2018!

Visit the Orientation site to find schedules for your first day of Orientation

Parent Orientation
There will be a parent Orientation program on August 30, 2018 which mimics the orientation on Sept. 2nd. There are typically close to 400 students who participate in Pre-O which makes the day quite lively! Please see your first-year packets for more information or visit the First Year Experience web pages

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