Elections and Joining SGA


Willingness to Serve

Willingnss to serve is the process by which SGA fills committee seats and vacant elected seats in the middle of the year. Applying is fast and easy. Click here to start.



Fall 2017 Election Results

Total Votes: 381
Late Night Chair: Elijah Bliss 
Senior Finance Officer: Olivia Golden
Senior Events Coordinator: Patrick Cowan
Senior Senator: Patrick Cowan
Junior Vice President: Megan Weitzner
Junior Class Senator: Megan Weitzner
Sophomore Events Coordinator: Candace Huntington
Sophomore Senator: Elijah Bliss
Sophomore Senator: Madison Collins
First Year Class President: Jonah Amron
First Year Marketing Officer: Alyssa Ramsay
First Year Class Senator: Baomou Feng
Penfield Senator: Jasper Ballot
Wait Senator: Theo Morris
Kimball Senator: Reilly Grant
Jonsson Tower Senator: Mark Bowling
Jonsson Tower Senator: Clare Smith
Northwoods Senator: Michael Barry
Sussman Senator:Chloe Singer
Sussman Senator: Emily Walter

Constitutional Amendment: Passed


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