Committees and Commissions

Legislative Committees

Legislative Committees exist to oversee particular areas of importance for the student body. These committees are largely staffed by Senators and report to the Senate.

Academic Council (AC)

AC is the primary liaison between students and academic departments and is comprised of students from multiple disciplines.

Budget and Finance (B&F) Faculty and All College

B&F manages financial policies and budgeting for all SGA clubs and committees.

Club Affairs (CAC) 

CAC liaisons with all existing clubs and assists in the creation of new clubs.WTS

Inclusion and Outreach (CIO)

CIO creats and runs SGA's outreach and social justice campaigns.

Student Life (CSL)

CSL works with various college offices to improve the quality of student life.

Communications and Operations (COP)

COP informs the student body of SGA business through social media and manages the internal opperations of SGA. 


Elections Commission

The Elections Commission is in charge of running student elections and the willingness-to-serve processes.

Chair: Robyn Pattison

Sustainability Commission

The Sustainability Commission advises SGA on all matters of sustainability.

Chair: Zoe Pagliaro

It’s Happening Here – SGBM Commission

The It’s Happening Here – Sexual and Gender Based Misconduct Commission is the primary group in charge of creating a campaign to raise awareness regarding SGBM issues.

Chair: Chloe Singer

Winter Wellness Commission

The Winter Wellness Commission’s primary objective is to uplift students during the winter.

Chair: Jessica Chachra

Friends of Skidmore – Commission on Sobriety and Recovery

The Friends of Skidmore – Commission on Sobriety and Recovery is the primary group in charge of creating a campaign to raise awareness regarding substance dependency issues and to increase resources for students in recovery.

Chair: Sophie Staton

Halloween Commission

The Halloween Commission’s primary objective will be to entertain and encourage students to stay on campus rather than go downtown.

Chair: Clare Smith

Mental Health Commission

The Mental Health Commission's primary objective will be to increase mental health resources on campus and promote self-care and mental health awareness at Skidmore.

Chair: Vacant

Dorm Unity Commision

The Dorm Unity Commision will 1) Encourage turnout for RA and PHE sponsored events promoting health and wellness. 2) Improve communal spaces by working with ResLife to find creative ways to improve common areas and make them more welcoming and accessible. 3) Hold more unity & school spirit-oriented events for the dorms.

Chair: Mike Barry

Other SGA Committees 

Student Entertainment Committee (SEC)

SEC is here to satisfy all your music and entertainment needs. We are responsible for booking, promoting, and producing live shows and events on campus.

Chair: Teddy Braziunas


CHILLMORE Committee facilitates and co-sponsors weekend events. We collaborate with clubs that are looking for an outlet to host cool and creative events in the SPA on Friday and Saturday Nights. Our goals are to provide alternatives to off campus events as well as a safe environment to have fun!

Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau provides guidance and funding to student clubs and organizations with regard to planning, organizing, and publicizing of lectures. The bureau supports interesting, educational, diverse, and thoughtful speakers of all kinds as proposed by other student groups. A small portion of the budget is also reserved for Speakers Bureau to bring a special keynote speaker to campus each fall.

Chair: Kali Villarosa

Falstaffs Operating Committee (FOC)

Committee for the operation of Falstaffs.

Chair: Will Scott