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Image from a Journal kept by Guatemalan Miliary Death Squads, 1980s. Nastional Securites Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 15.

Professor: Jordana Dym
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Skidmore College
Student Resources
Latin American History


RESOURCES : Internet (General)



World History Matters & History Matters-- How to read different types of primary & secondary sources (from material objects & travel accounts through diaries, newspapers and photographs), great links collections

READING/WRITING Patrick Rael @ Bowdoin College, Reading Writng & Researching for History (Also see my website on Writing Tips)

EVALUATING WEBSITES: Handy Questions to help you Evaluate Websites. A more extensive list, by UCLA librarian Esther Grassian, and a handout (Cal State Fullerton Library); Evaluating Digital Resources (various sites)

Journal for MultiMedia History (among other things, reviews new history websites)

World Atlas & Maps--includes maps by country with other country data (population, etc.),

Left-wing Lingo: An explanation of 18th and 19th c. left political ideologies by the Democratic Socialists of America

A history of neo-liberalism,, a definition of same, as well as a thorough introduction to the left's issues w/ "corporate globalization,

Urban History Resources

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Skidmore College, Scribner Library, Latin American Studies webpage
NYU, Bobst Library, Latin American Studies Resources webpage

Univ. Texas Latin America Network Information Center (LANIC), the principal clearing house on Latin American information on the Net, . Sites listed here are from all over the world, principally the Latin America, the US, and Europe.

Topics include Newspapers (;
Religion & Theology
Indigenous Peoples
Immigration (;
Human Rights
African Diaspora
Social Sciences--History, Anthropology, etc

Timeline for Modern Latin America (1800-1999); Timeline of US Latin American Relations- Prof. R. Slatta University of Texas-Austin, LANIC -- Starting point for 'net information on Latin America,

Maps -- Latin America-- Perry Castaņeda Library, University of Texas-Austin,

Websites with Useful Links / General Information

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Library Resources

Lucy Scribner Library,

Skidmore Library Video Catalog,

Sources Relevant to the Study of History available at the Scribner Library Databases Page:

For Latin America

Handbook of Latin American Studies,

Hispanic-American Periodicals Index,

For History

Historical Abstracts,

Social Sciences Abstracts,

J-Stor (on-line scholarly articles, including the American Historical Review, to 1994),

Project Muse (variety of scholarly journals),


Journals & Newspapers,
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Journals, Skidmore Library

(On-line journals, available through Skidmore server; off-campus may need to sign in)
Americas, Project Muse (1999-present)
Calalloo JSTOR, 1976-1994; Project Muse (1995-present)
Hispanic American Historical Review, JSTOR (1918-1998), Project Muse (1999-present)
Journal of Inter-american Studies, JSTOR (1959-1969); Skidmore Library holdings: 1965-1969
Journal of Inte-ramerican Studies & World Affairs, JSTOR (1970-1998); Skidmore Library holdings, 1970-
Journal of Latin American Studies, JSTOR (1969-1996)
Latin American Music Review, Project Muse (2001-)
Latin American Perspectives, JSTOR (1974-1998)
; Skidmore Library holdings, 1983-
Latin American Research Review, JSTOR (1965-1998)
; Skidmore Library holdings, 1966-

Nepantla; Views from South, Project Muse (2000-)

Eighteenth-Century Life, Project Muse (1996-present)
Eigtheenth Century Studies, JSTOR (1967-1995), Project Muse (1995-present)
Journal of Black Studies, JSTOR (1970-1998); Skidmore Library holdings, 1970-present in library
Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, Project Muse (2000-present)
Journal of Historical Geography, OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online(1993-present)
Journal of the History of Ideas, JSTOR (1940-1995); Project Muse (1996-)
Journal of Interdisciplinary History, JSTOR (1970-1996); Project Muse (1999-present); Skidmore Library holdings, 1970-
Journal of Negro History, JSTOR (1916-1998)
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain & Ireland, JSTOR (1872-1906), JSTOR (1907-1965);
also publishers of Man, JSTOR (1901-1994),
JSTOR (1995-6 )
Journal of Social History, Project Muse (2001-)
Journal of Women's History, Project Muse (1999-); Skidmore Library holdings, 1989-
NINE: A Journal of Baseball History & Culture, Project Muse (2001-)
Radical History Review, Project Muse (2001-)

(Available in Lucy Scribner Library)

Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (1990-)
Bulletin of Latin American Research (1992-)
Bulletin of the Pan American Union. (1937-1948)
Business Mexico (1996-)
Journal of Inte-ramerican Studies & World Affairs
Latin American antiquity : a journal of the Society for American Archaeology (1990-)
Latin American art (1990-1994)
Latin American business review : journal of the Business Association of Latin American Studies (BALAS) (1998-).
Latin American Perspectives (1974-)
Latin American politics and society (2001-)
Latin American Research Review (1966-)
Latin Trade (1998-)
Luso-Brazilian Review (1972-)
NACLA Report on the Americas (1986-)
Past & Present (1968-)

(Primary Source Journals at Lucy Scribner Library)
Century Magazine (various titles, like Century Illustrated Monthly magazine, 1881-1930
Harper's Magazine (1850-present) , on-line articles
Nation (1865-present), microfilm & bound volumes
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, JSTOR, (1800-1843); JSTOR (1843-1854); JSTOR (1854-1905)

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